Department of Clinical Research Management

» Division of Administration
» ​Division of Clinical Research Coordination
» Division of Exploratory Research Planning
» Division of Clinical Research Promotion
» Division of Quality Assurance
» Division of Data Management
» Division of Study Drug Management
» Division of Safety Management
» Division of Monitoring and Audit
» Division of Statistical Analysis
» Division of Data Science
» Division of Biobanking
» Division of Biological Information Analysis
» Division of Education and Training
» Division of Public Relations and Counseling
»Tokyo office for Monitoring and Data Management
» Division of Clinical Trial Services
» Laboratory of Information System Research
» Laboratory of Biostatistics

Department of Hematology and Oncology Research
» Laboratory of Biology
» Laboratory of Advanced Therapy

Department of Regenerative Medicine
» Laboratory of Stem Cell Research
» Laboratory of Cell Therapy
» Laboratory of Functional Reconstruction

Department of Infectious Diseases and Immunology
» Laboratory of Immunodeficiency Research
» Laboratory of Infectious Diseases

Department of Advanced Diagnosis

» Laboratory of Molecular Diagnosis
» Laboratory of Imaging Diagnosis
» Laboratory of Pathology